About David Kerr

I graduated from the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf. I attended Gallaudet University and McMaster University and earned my BA from Gallaudet University. I was elected to the Ontario Association of the Deaf three times (President two times and Board one time), Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf (Vice President), Ontario Deaf Golf Association (President), and Deaf Bilingual Coalition (Chair – in the USA). I was appointed to Ontario Deaf Education Coalition as a chairperson. Currently, he is the Chair of the Sign Language Rights for Deaf Children Coalition. That I feel is an important indication of the Deaf community’s vote of confidence in me and my goals.

I have experienced in management and leadership in the delivery of social and health service, and politics for thirty-five years in various agencies and organizations. I believe in Deaf community by providing strong leadership motivation to Deaf communities.

I am an avid reader, writer, artist, vlogger, and blogger.

I am Dad of two grown adults and live in Windsor, Ontario.

The opinions expressed here (davidkerr.ca) are mine, and may not necessarily reflect the views of my employment or anyone else associated with me.


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